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“Hindi ko siya Tito!” BBM’s son Sandro Marcos confirms that Francis Leo Marcos is not their relative

Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr’s eldest son, Sandro Marcos finally confirmed that the businessman who became viral on social media is not their relative.

On a short tweet, Sandro debunked the claims that Francis Leo Marcos is their relative.

“Hi, no me nor my family are related to him,” Sandro told the netizen who asked him if he’s related to Francis Leo Marcos.

This was contrary to what Francis Leo claimed in the 2019 Facebook post, saying that his father is Pacifico Marcos, the youngest brother of former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

If Francis Leo’s claim was real, Sandro Marcos was supposed to be his nephew.

Two members of the Romualdez Clan also denied that Francis Leo is their relative.

Meanwhile, Jesus Siazon Fariñas, a close friend of the Marcos family shared a message came from former Senator Bongbong Marcos, explaining that having a photo with his mother Imelda doesn’t prove that you’re a relative of the said powerful clan from Ilocos and Leyte.

“Unfortunately, pinuntahan niya ang Mother ko. Which means nothing. Ilang libong tao ang nagpapapicture sa Mother ko every week? Yung sa kampo mukhang fake,” Fariñas wrote while quoting BBM.

However, in his latest videos, Francis Leo refused to talk about his father and kept repeating that his mother was only inspired by the Marcos family.

He also said that his relationship with the first family is “privilege communication”

Despite backtracking his claims that he’s one of the members of the Ilocos’ Norte’s most powerful family, Francis Leo insisted that he’s using his real name on social media.